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Best Actors

How do you know that a person has acting in their blood?  One actor  he replied that when he had to decide on a profession, he was not really interested in anything, but he liked to recite and was not shy in front of the public. That's probably the basis - a good memory, a bit of exhibitionism and, of course, talent, one can feel it in oneself. But there are many called and only a few chosen.

The best actors in the world

The latest results - the ranking on the FDB.cz website showed the following values:
1.    Johnny Depp
2.    Bruce Willis
3.    Tom Hanks
4.    Nicolas Cage
5.    Morgan Freeman
6.    Brad Pitt
7.    Jean Reno
8.    Sylvester Stallone    
9.    Robert De Niro
10.    Mel Gibson

Most successful  actors

Acting is of course primarily a matter of talent and charisma, but unquestionable roles are also played by the screenwriter, who must create a sufficiently strong and expressive character already 'on paper', and the director, who helps conduct the actors and actresses and direct their performances within the framework of appropriate emotional or thought needs of a specific scene. And sometimes all these factors come together so well that it only takes a few minutes for the incriminated character to be etched in the audience's memory and his representative to impress the Academy itself, which hands out the most valuable film awards.

TOP actors

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2 months ago
Christopher Plummer - Renowned for his stage and film performances, Christopher Plummer had a distinguished career, including his iconic role as Captain von Trapp in "The Sound of Music."

Rachel McAdams - Known for her roles in films like "Mean Girls," "The Notebook," and "Spotlight," Rachel McAdams has become a highly respected actress.

Ryan Reynolds - Recognized for his humor and charisma, Ryan Reynolds has starred in numerous successful films, including "Deadpool" and "The Proposal."

Rachel Weisz - Though born in England, Rachel Weisz holds Canadian citizenship and is known for her roles in acclaimed films such as "The Constant Gardener" and "The Favourite."

Donald Sutherland - A versatile actor with a prolific career, Donald Sutherland has appeared in a wide range of films, including "MAS*H" and "The Hunger Games" series.

Ellen Page (now known as Elliot Page) - Known for roles in films like "Juno" and "Inception," Elliot Page has been praised for their talent and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.

Michael J. Fox - Famous for his roles in the "Back to the Future" series and the TV series "Family Ties," Michael J. Fox is an iconic Canadian actor.

Keanu Reeves - Known for his action roles in films like "The Matrix" series and "John Wick," Keanu Reeves has a dedicated fan base.

Sarah Polley - An accomplished actress and filmmaker, Sarah Polley has appeared in films like "The Sweet Hereafter" and directed critically acclaimed movies like "Away from Her."

Tatiana Maslany - Known for her outstanding performance in the TV series "Orphan Black," Tatiana Maslany received widespread acclaim for her versatility in portraying multiple characters.

Ellen Wong - Recognized for her roles in "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and the TV series "GLOW," Ellen Wong has gained recognition for her talent.

Jay Baruchel - Known for his roles in comedies like "Knocked Up" and the "How to Train Your Dragon" series, Jay Baruchel is a notable Canadian actor.

Canada's film and television industry continue to thrive, and many more talented Canadian actors are making their mark on the international stage. Opinions on the best actors may vary, but these individuals have all contributed significantly to the entertainment world.
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