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Best female singer in your country? It's not a simple question. Maybe the best singer in the world would be easier, but our poll in this category is the female singer in your country. If you know which one it is, vote for her. Or it's missing here, please add it.

The best female singer in the world?

Popular server Ranker asked fans on social networks: Which female singer in the world has the best voice? About 1.5 million users participated in the survey and the results were quite close. Which singer did the fans choose in the end? Can you guess?

The survey went like this:
    10th Place: Tina Turner
    9th Place: Karen Carpenter
    8th place: Christina Aguilera
    7th place: Ella Fitzgerald
    6th place: Barbra Streisand
    5th place: Adele
    4th place: Mariah Carey
    3rd place: Céline Dion
    2nd Place: Aretha Franklin
    1st place: Whitney Houston

Yes, the singer Whitney Houston certainly deservedly won the poll! Although she died of an overdose in 2012, the singer is still one of the most recognized artists of all time. Her hit I Will Always Love You never gets old.

Best female singer

And how will the survey turn out for us? You can already see the ranking, but the end of the competition is at the end of the year. Anyway, if you look at history, you will find out who would be the winner last year. Vote and support the best singers too, they will surely be pleased. Have fun.


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