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The best TikTok teacher

TikTok, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited TikTok account is? TikTok is a Chinese social network (operated by ByteDacen) that bought Musically a few years ago and became the fastest growing social network in the world in 2019. At the end of the year, it reached one billion users and seriously threatens both Facebook and Instagram. The whole thing is complicated by the fact that TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, so in addition to concerns about espionage and snooping, the main thing is that the content is treated according to China's own rules.

Best TikTok in the world

Putting together the TikTok charts is a bit of an honest handiwork. It has no official rankings, nor does it publish user counts by country, let alone allow accounts to be filtered by country. It only lists rounded numbers of fans on the site. It's common for accounts to change nicknames over time, quite often names too. The TOP 100 in the following table is definitely not accurate/complete even on the day of the update. Some accounts may be missing, so if you come across an account that should be in the TOP 100, let me know. The further up the ladder, the greater the probability of error.

Best of TikTok

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment or add your account. Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you.


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